The Hand of God

The Hand of God: A Journey from Death to Life by the Abortion Doctor Who Changed His Mind 
by Bernard N. Nathanson

This book was hard for me to read.  In fact, I put it down for several months to take a break from the intense journey of Dr. Nathanson. He is very open and blunt about his time as an abortion doctor, and talks very specifically about what he did and how he felt about doing it.

If you are a sensitive person like me, this could be hard to hear.  However, if you were to stop reading this book, you would miss out on watching the transformation of a life through the redemptive power of God- His Truth winning over a very hardened heart.

The first chapter introduces us to Dr. Nathanson and sets the stage for what the book will cover.  He writes with tremendous precision and articulates very concisely and (I would say) accurately- the source of many of the problems (some might say progress) that has taken place since abortion became legal.

The second chapter covers the history of his family- his Dad’s growing up years and his own up to college. It provides a backdrop that helps to inform where the story heads in the subsequent chapters.

Chapter 3 covers his college years, he attended Cornell and then McGill for medical school. He also shares about the first seed of faith planted in his life by a professor named Karl Stern.

As we progress to the 4th chapter, he discusses the Hippocratic Oath and shares about a lady he dated named Ruth, the unplanned pregnancy that occurred from their relationship- and her abortion. He then shares some details about the abortion procedure from an abortionists perspective.

Chapter 5 continues to follow him as he enters residency and finally gets married- though it is short, less than five years.  Chapter 6 and 7 get more specifically into his work in abortion clinics and how he ended up being intricately involved in the NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League).

Chapters 8-11 deal more with the specifics of how his mind gets changed on the abortion issue, and how he helped to make the Silent Scream and began speaking out against abortion. Chapters 12-14 are prophetic in nature- talking about where the loss of sanctity of life could take us (many of the things he discusses are already taking place).

Chapter 15- the last chapter- ends on a personal note- talking about his exploration into Catholicism.

Those who are passionate about life need to read this book.  The unique perspective of those who have been on the front lines and then have switched sides gives us incredible insight into the inner workings of those on the other side.

What motivates their misguided efforts? How do they rationalize the killing of innocent life- how  do abortion doctors abort babies all day every day?

His story may also stir in us some compassion for those who are so utterly lost on the other side of life- they fanatically believe in the rights that they are protecting and fail to realize the irreparable damage that they are doing in the name of “progress” and greed.





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