What it Means to be a Mom


Someone asked me this question a few Sundays ago, and it left me speechless- and if you know me, you would be surprised by that response.

Being struck mute is a rare occurrence for me.

However, I think this question struck a chord in me- for this journey of motherhood has pruned and shaped me in ways I never imagined.

It has revealed to me character in myself that is embarrassing and very humbling.  It has shone a spotlight on areas of my life where I am selfish and immature- and my responses to people and situations reveal by own lack of love and mercy where others were concerned.

There are mornings when I am crying in disappointment for how I reacted to situations, and praying for God to change my heart, to transform me.

There are days when I have conversations with my children that fill my heart with so much joy I feel like it is going to burst.  Tears come in those moments too- tears of gratitude for the bliss of just being with them.

Motherhood is a labor of love.

It is hard work.

And I believe that it is work that honors God.

I have given up trying to be perfect- but I still have to work on forgiving myself when I fail to handle situations in the way I wish I could.

It is so hard to live with those moments when I let my kids down, when I know I said the wrong thing.  I know there are times when my face does not reflect the love I always feel for them, but my frustration and irritation in the moment.

When I pray I continually try to remind myself that God called me to this role.  I have children- therefore He has called me to Motherhood.  This role will shape me and my children forever.

He uses it all.  His word promises..

Romans 8:28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

And- thanks be to God- I am delivered from ever living a moment thinking I can do this alone.  Being a Mom grounds me securely in the humility that I desperately need on this journey.  I see the evidence of my need for God daily. 

Failures, frustrations, sorrows…

Joy, bliss, laughter…

It all draws me to him.

So, being a Mom has shown me my desperate need for a Savior, and has helped me to live as a seeker and worshiper of my precious Savior who takes a broken vessel and miraculously uses it for His glory.

As one of my favorite songs says, “He makes beautiful things, he makes beautiful things out of dust.  He makes beautiful things, he makes beautiful things out of us.”

Praise be to God for his daily mercies that give me the courage to continue on, even when my strength is gone.  For I know I do not walk alone; He will sustain and uphold me.  I need not fear for my precious Savior and God who holds me also holds my children.  In the beauty of this mystery, I can entrust that which I hold dear to one who holds them dearer still.  O, thank you, my Savior and Lord.


The Joy of Motherhood

New Life
It starts at conception.  There is a shift- a subtle change.  A knowing- slowly budding to deeper understanding.

My body becomes a haven- a safe place for life to grow, to form, to bond. I feel the movements of hands and feet, the kicks and tickles- sometimes pain.

Your presence becomes a constant awareness- that my life already is protecting and nurturing yours.

My own wants have already begun to give way for you.  Watching what I eat, getting more sleep, doctor check-ups, reading books- talking to you, singing to you- realizing that you already know me- in a way that no one else on earth will.

Born of my body- the first cries, heart-bursting joy and passionate love- almost painful in it’s intensity-fills me.  Even through the fear and uncertainty- the precious gift- the miracle- the blessing fills my soul.

Each day as I watch you grow, feed you, change diapers, wash laundry, prepare your food, clean up toys, clean house, bandage knees, soothe tears, listen, share your joy, teach you, discipline you- I am singing you a love song.

All the times when I put my wants to the side and see you- love you- spend time with you- you teach me about Christ- about unconditional love, forgiveness, joy in the simple.

The immeasurable joy of serving- even when no one else sees it- of being aware of God’s presence as I work silently and faithfully within my home- giving my children the gifts of my love and presence.

Being a bringer of peace and joy- of exploring life with you again- seeing it all new through your eyes.

The miracle of your life never ceases to bring a tear to my eye- the amazing gift of your presence- your unique spirit and soul.  My heart overflows with thankfulness and humility- that I am honored with the gift of you.

All those things that used to seem so important- fade to nothingness in the reality of you.  Your presence has changed my priorities- in so many ways you have made things right- by opening my eyes to my own selfishness.

Now, my life is so full because of you- full of laughter, adventure, love, purpose- you have given me a new song to sing.

Mom and Daughter