Butterfly Whorl Gaura

Butterfly Whorl Gaura (Gaura lindheimeri ‘Siskiyou Pink’) is a shrub-like perennial that gets 3.5 feet tall and wide.

Very drought tolerant- blooms spring to fall, adaptable about soil, but does not like to be soggy- so be sure the soil drains well.

Full sun to partial sun– I have two planted in my perennial bed- one gets about 9 hours of sun, the other about 6- both are doing very well and showing new growth.

Cut back often to keep this perennial full and to promote new growth.

Pink flowers on foliage that is green with red at the tips- very beautiful and unusual.

Attracts butterflies.

Hard to find a good pic- will hopefully post one of my own once it gets a little bigger. The blooms are very delicate- it has a wispy kind of look to it.

There are several blooms on each stalk that comes from the base of plant.  This pic below is just one single bloom on a single stalk.

11.326 - pink gaura