My Heart Ache


Life.  Where it all begins for each of us.  Who gives life- who has the right to say who lives or dies?  In the present age, these questions have seemed to get more complicated.

Let’s answer the first question. Who gives life?  God- He is the Creator of all life.  Two people may have come together to contribute the sperm and egg- and yes, I believe that gives us some responsibility for the outcome of that joining- but God ultimately creates life- and knows us all even before we were first conceived.  He knows us and loves us when we are only a future possibility- a twinkle- a whispered promise.

My heart ache– the possibility and hope of life has been drowned out by all the fears.  Not all pregnancies are planned- but that doesn’t mean that the baby conceived is a mistake that must be taken care of.  There are so many women overwhelmed with the stress of an unplanned pregnancy- and they are pressured, convinced, and sometimes coerced into thinking that ending the pregnancy through abortion is the best solution for them.

They feel pressured by their job, by family, by a boyfriend or husband, or maybe just fear of the unknown- the responsibility.  That makes sense.  A new baby is a huge responsibility- as any parent can tell you.  And many times even if the news of a pregnancy is received with joy- it takes a while to become accustomed to the shift in your reality.

Imagine not being prepared, or expecting it.  Maybe that’s what happened to you.  A pregnancy that wasn’t planned for and the news was not received with excitement- maybe they were angry, and gave you an ultimatum.  Maybe you were up for a promotion at your job and a baby would change your plans.

We make choices.  My heart ache– we make this choice too lightly.  We have adopted lies about life- about the miracle of a baby- about the hope and possibility that each one brings.  We have let other voices influence us- when our bodies are telling us the truth.  We are women- we know the signs of a life within- how our body changes to protect it- to help it grow.

The choice to abort is often made under duress.  That makes sense- because a choice of this magnitude burdens us- we feel pressure- and it is hard to escape because we carry it with us (literally).

Abortion may seem like the easy way out.  Because once the baby is gone you can return to life as normal- but what if you have regrets later?  We can’t go back. How do we know whether the life we live without that baby would truly be better than if we chose to give that child life?  We don’t know the future.  We can rationalize, but we can’t know.

Why do we not choose adoption?  Why not have the baby and give it up?  For some reason, in our society- we seem to deem it more “humanitarian” to end the life through abortion rather than to give our child to a family that can’t have children of their own.  Or is it b/c as the baby grows, we become attached?  Those mothering instincts kick in- are we afraid that we lack the courage to let our child go when the time comes?

My hope and prayer– if you are here reading this, know this truth first.  You are loved by God. There is nothing you can do that can cause Him to stop loving you, or lessen His love.  He treasures you as His child.  He wants us all to have life, a full and abundant life. See John 10:10 below.

10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Jesus is talking here about how He is our shepherd.  He wants to protect us from evil, those things that will come into our life to steal our joy and bring misery, regret, and pain.

See Psalm 139:13-16

13 For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
15 My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

God treasures you, your entrance to this world was a cause for celebration.  If you are considering abortion, please, take time to seek God, pray, to talk to someone you trust- don’t make a hasty decision.

If you have had an abortion, that does not change God’s love for you.  Our choices have consequences- but God can redeem any life- He can heal you and help you to find peace.

I will be reading books related to abortion, and I will be posting reviews of these books with quotes and summaries that I hope will encourage further discussion about abortion.

I will also be posting testimonies of women who have had abortions.

I hope this will stir introspection in us all to reevaluate why we feel the way we do about this issue- whether we are pro-life or pro-choice- we would be wise to examine our motivations and seriously consider whose “truth” we are buying into.

Are we letting others unduly influence us?

Life is too important to let someone else tell us what we should do.

This is my heart’s mission.









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8 Responses to My Heart Ache

  1. joanne campbell says:

    I enjoyed talking with you today at the reception. Your website is wonderful, and I applaud your commitment to the pro-life movement. I look forward to reading more!

    • Rachel says:

      Thank you Joanne, it was so good to chat with you too.

    • Florin says:

      if you get in a abortion rlleay think about it dont do it just because your boyfriend doesnt want the baby if you rlleay want the baby you could have it its your decison not nobody else . For example my boyfriend once told me to get an abortion that it would be better because he wasnt ready to have another kid . i told him if you dont want the baby just leave because i do want my baby to be and dont need your support in anything i have my family that supports me i dont need a man to depent on i know am gonna be a teen mom and its gonna be hard be god gived me the most beautifull present in this whole wide world and am not just gonna have an abortion because your not ready to have another baby.Then he reject saying that to me and rigth know i have my baby with me and her daddy and he loves her alott. Any teen moms rlleay think about an abortion its up to you nobaody else like i said just dont make a mistake and next thing you tell yourself i shouldnt of done it.

  2. Thon says:

    I just saw the movie Blood Money (directed by David Kyle) last night with our local Pro-Life group and a large audience. This was a POWERFUL movie that if eveynore saw would surely change the minds of pro-choice people and any woman considering abortion. It it non-graphic, yet it really hits home. Many women speak who have had abortions and live lives of regret, guilt, depression, and physical scarring things we don’t think about. I urge eveynore out there to order a copy, or attend a local screening OR, have a screening yourself.Abortion on demand is legal up to the moment of birth. This IS the Holocaust of our time. Anyone who is Pro-Choice, please see the movie and tell me if you still are pro-choice afterwards. NO GORE just facts that go beyond the usual arguments. Susan Centineo. PresidentFrederick County Right to Life

  3. mare ball says:

    So happy to read that a young beautiful woman is standing for life. So many of your generation have been brainwashed by the generation before. I worked for a PCP for 12 years, and learned so much about how the truth about abortion is hidden from the public. If people really knew. I’m an new to Into the Word Wednesdays, and am so happy to find you!

    • Rachel says:

      So happy that you came by! Life is truly a passion of mine- I am continually seeking discernment in how God wants to use that passion for His Glory. There are so many out there hurting. God bless you; the peace of Christ be with you.

  4. Brittany Reed says:

    Great article! Thank you for sharing with us, and being an encouraging voice to all women.

    • Rachel says:

      This is something the Lord has laid on my heart, a continual ache that never goes away. I am thankful for those burdens he gives us for others, to come alongside and love those who are in pain.

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