Golden Yellow Flower
Below are links to women who have shared the story of their experience with abortion.  I pray that God may use these testimonies to speak truth to you- wherever you may be, whatever you may be facing.

Sarah Mae–  Two posts- 1. click here  2. click here

Jewels Green- Two posts- 1. click here. 2. Click here.

Kelly Clinger- click here

Katrina Fernandez- click here

InfiniteGrace- her abortion- click here   Her journey toward healing- click here.

32 years after abortion- a testimony

Peggy from Pennsylvania- now an Anglican Priest

Rachel’s Vineyard does retreats for women seeking to heal from their abortion experience.  Here is a link to their testimonies.  Click here.

Anonymous girl tells about how her Mom chose life for her despite pressure from her parents to abort- click here.

Alveda King shares her testimony about her abortions:


Carrie Guy– Her testimony- click here– radio and TV interview- click here.

Sammy shares her testimony of choosing life after her husband died-click here. (click on pictures to read her story)

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