Matters of the Heart

Lonely in golden place!

I feel a surge of emotion as I sit down to write this.  My heart- yes, my passion-yes, my pain-yes.  How do we tell the truth in love?  When we are talking about something so personal, so intimate, and private.

And harder still to do all that I wish that I could through a computer- unable to see you, to know you, to share a relationship, a friendship- and yet in some ways I am hopeful that when talking about abortion- maybe the distance can help encourage openness.

Maybe it will help you to have courage to find the answers you seek in anonymity.

A friend of mine shared with me that she had an abortion.  She has not shared this with very many people.  Why?  Though we may hear that abortion is completely “normal” now, even commonplace, in our country- why are women so reluctant to share about it?

I believe with all my heart that this is more complicated than we are led to believe.

Knowing the risks and benefits is part of making a good decision.  Considering what you are losing versus what you may gain-seeking truth.

Why are women not informed of the risk factors before an abortion?  Shouldn’t there be an ethical standard that abortion clinics have to adhere to, like all other doctor offices?

Sonograms are criticized as emotionally traumatic before an abortion- but why?  It is a medical device used for a variety of purposes.  It is just showing you what is going on inside your own body.  Is that invasive?

Shouldn’t we be fully informed before having a surgery about what is going to take place?

We have the right to information that will help us make the best decision- for we are culpable for our own choices.

If pro-choice groups truly care about women- why are they not doing their best to publish and inform women about the risks associated with abortion?

I hope to provide a place where you can read testimonies of women who have had abortions and also hear from my heart- I want to provide a balance- abortion brings out emotional reactions in both sides- so to pretend emotion- or passion- is not involved would be a lie.

In my heart, I don’t believe that abortion is ever the best decision- I must be honest and tell you that.  But that conclusion comes from (in great part) my faith and belief in God.

But I hope that despite my own “biases” that I might be able to serve you in some way- that you may find answers here.



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