Letters in Love

Letters in Love is a ministry that encourages sending out at least one letter every week to someone God lays on your heart.

This is a place to receive inspiration and encouragement as we seek to encourage and love each other through the simple form of a hand-written letter.

Please share your ideas and stories of how God uses your letters to bless and encourage those in your life.

Through a few minutes one day a week- we can plant seeds.

We can encourage.

We can strengthen.

We can send love.

Will you join us?

**Grab the button from the sidebar.  Either share in a comment or send me an e-mail at myheartsmission@gmail.com and share what God is doing through your letters.

4 Responses to Letters in Love

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  3. Brittany Reed says:

    Great idea my lovely sister! I love your heart! I pray God uses you to touch the lives of women everywhere! I love handwritten letters. :)

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