Humanity’s Greatest Natural Enemy

What makes us strive for self-preservation? What compels us to try to stay alive through accidents, natural disasters, and illness?

When we see another human being in pain or trapped, like the miners trapped after an explosion in the mine- we all longed to see them reunited with their families- to know that they were ok- and wanted everything to be done that could be to rescue them.

We care about the lives of human beings when a crisis comes. We ask- Is everyone all right?

At the root of this desire to fight to live, to help others live or survive- is the value of human life. The sanctity of life- a view that life is precious and worth trying to preserve- worth fighting for.


Lives of loved ones are not replaceable- those who are closest to you- whom you can depend on- their lives are beyond monetary value.

“Civil societies always recognize this vital principle and build their cultural institutions upon it. They do anything and everything they possibly can to protect the dignity, integrity, and sanctity of life. Because there are no expendable or disposable people, every life is worth honoring, protecting, and saving.”

***Found in Chapter 3 of Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue Kindle Edition by: R.C. Sproul

Why do we typically honor this with those who are already born but fail to extend this to those in the womb?

Do we believe that a fetus feels pain during an abortion?

When the instruments are inserted into the uterus- does the fetus react in any way to this intrusion?

Are they aware of what is being done to them? Does that change our reaction to abortion?

If we knew conclusively that the fetus was in severe pain- would that change our response?

Humanity’s greatest natural enemy is ourselves. Our own failure to value life in all circumstances, but instead to pick and choose when preserving it is in our best interests.

Will we choose today to be a voice for the voiceless? To speak up for those who cannot defend themselves?

To raise our voice in objection to a society that continues to try to convince us that some lives are just worth more than others?

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