Breaking the Silence

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Why has there been a failure to acknowledge that some women experience negative reactions/effects after an abortion?

We will get into the statistics at a later date, but I want to ask something much simpler. As part of my research on abortion, I have talked to women who express regret that they had an abortion.  Some of them even said they knew it was wrong and yet they still chose to do it.  Some said that they realized right afterward that they made a mistake- and deeply regretted it.

They shared about depression, drinking, experimenting with drugs, increased promiscuity, trying to get pregnant again, thoughts of suicide, fear that they were going to hell- all of these thoughts and actions increased in frequency or began as a result of their choice to have an abortion.

Why do feminist groups adamantly deny any negative effects?  Why not offer help women who are feeling regret and doubt about their decision to have an abortion?

I am surprised that they do not offer to provide counseling to women to help them work through their emotions in the aftermath of an abortion.

Yet, I think that perhaps it goes against a major premise of the pro-abortion movement. They would rather have us simply believe that- Women who have abortions have no regrets and it does not negatively affect them; it is a simple medical procedure, that’s all?

And CPCs (Crisis Pregnancy Center) and other pro-life organizations are accused of making up these things as scare tactics to try to dissuade women from choosing abortion.  It is a tool of manipulation and nothing more?

Do we refuse to believe what people report as true from their own experience?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.


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