Discussions of the Heart

Weekend Love

We choose to be respectful of each other, even when we disagree.  We recognize that we are each accountable before God for our own decisions.

We may, according to the gift of free will, choose to believe even those things which are against God’s law- in direct opposition to the truth.

Whether or not we believe our position right, truthful, or correct, does not give us permission to withhold love.

I will not condone disrespect, hate language, nor any attacks on character of any persons who choose to post within this discussion forum.

We may passionately disagree with each other, and I believe there are some things that we can indeed prove as true.  But even when truth is on your side, you do not then have the freedom to refrain from treating another person with decency and respect.

I hope and pray that this will be a place where everyone can share openly- and I reserve the right to not post any submitted comments that do not abide by the parameters that I have set forth above.

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