Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue

Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue  by: R.C. Sproul

The foreword by George Grant is full of statistics.  I will be including those in my list of statistics that you can find under the Matters of the Heart- Statistics section.

The book is broken into three parts.  The first is called Abortion: The ethical dilemma of our time.  In this section you will find an ethical argument concerning whether the fetus is considered a human being before birth.  Sproul also discusses some of the emotionally charged language used by both sides that don’t paint an accurate picture.  The quote below gives an example.

“The emotional connotation accompanying the word murder associates the act of killing with what the law refers to as murder one.  Murder one incorporates within its definition the idea of premeditation.  It involves malice and aforethought. Thus, not only the act of killing a human person is in view, but the motive and intent are also important considerations.”

He also discusses ethically how one could approach the abortion issue if you are unsure which side of the debate you fall on.  He uses Scripture at times to support/inform his views.

In the second section he gives a summary of some of the most popular pro-choice and pro-abortion arguments.  A woman’s right to her body- how far do those rights extend? He also discusses three frequent assertions made by pro-choice or pro-abortion groups.

  1. If abortion is made illegal, women will have dangerous back-alley abortions
  2. It is inconsistent to be anti-abortion and pro-capital punishment
  3. Men should not speak about abortion because it is a women’s issue

The next chapter within this section deals with the potency of the pro-choice position- how it captures an essence of the American spirit- our right to choose.

He talks about the danger of the seemingly neutral statement: “I personally feel that abortion is morally wrong, but I also feel that the decision as to whether to have an abortion has to be made by every woman herself.”

The last chapter in this section talks about abortion and unplanned pregnancy.  It deals with arguments related to abortion on demand- as well as cases of the mother’s life being in danger and rape or incest.

The final section of the book is called A Compassionate Response and Strategy.  He talks about whether abortion should be considered an unpardonable sin (basically, No) and also talks about what pro-life groups can do to advocate locally and help educate people about what they believe.

There is no question that the author is pro-life- what I appreciate is that he does a great job of approaching this issue form a non-emotional standpoint- using basic ethics, facts, truth, and then raising lots of questions about why we accept certain claims or another way of phrasing it- whatever side we find ourselves on- have we thought about why we chose that side?

Please feel free to ask me any other questions about the book, and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.


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