What You Have Hidden For Us

endless journey...

There is a song that always reminds me of the homeschooling journey.  The title of this post is part of the lyrics.  Here is the entire song:

Verse 1

Further seems forever
Until you’ve seen, until you get there
Until you feel a promise land beneath your feet

But there’s a reason for the journey
There is purpose in the learning
That not everything in life comes naturally
No, not everything in life comes easily


We’re getting there
We’re determined to discover
All that You have hidden for us
Along the way

We’re getting there
And Your presence is the promise
There is nothing that can stop us
We’re on our way

Verse 2

We’ve tasted of Your goodness
We know that You are for us
We can hear the sound of Heaven cheer us on

Every day begins with mercy
Every moment filled with beauty
Knowing You have gone before us
We press on
Knowing You believe in us
With confidence we run


We will see You in the land of the living
We will find You in the mystery
Your presence is the joy set before us
For now and all eternity


We won’t stop running, running
We won’t stop coming after You

This has been a journey that requires perseverance.  The days are long, but they go by so fast.  Further seems forever, but before we know it, our oldest child is 9.  Halfway to 18; to flying free, and I want to wrestle with the hard questions.  Am I making the most of these moments?

One day they will be grown, Lord willing.  Who will they become?  What role do I play?  How will I spend my days?

They are in God’s hands; they are his.  But he has given them to us to raise for a reason.  To feel this heavy and heady thing, and to not run from my role in it settles deep in me. I have work that I am called to do, and this is a sacred and holy calling.  Training a child.

There is a reason we are here.  Yes, thanks be to God.  This time is weighty with purpose.  We are image-bearers, meant to shine the light of Christ in a dark world.  We are called to serve, called to give ourselves away, called to be a living sacrifice.

There is purpose in the learning.  To know God and to make Him known.  To share Christ and His love with a world hungry for it.  To live generously with kindness.

Some things in life take work.  It does not all come easily.  Do we live the example of courageously attempting hard things?

We are getting there.  Yes, we are moving forward in this journey.  We are filled with wonder, seeking out the treasures God has hidden for us to find in nature, in His people, in His Word.  We are seekers of truth, beauty, and virtue.

Mercy is here for us.  Oh and how we need it!  There is no denying that this journey of homeschooling brings us face to face with the fault lines in our own character.  We can hardly avoid the burning fire of refinement.  I have found myself more and more eager to place myself in the potter’s hands.  Mold me, and make me, after thy will.  While I am waiting, yielded and still…

We recognize the necessity of God’s help.  We rejoice in the miracle of how He is changing us, how He is molding our children, how He makes all things beautiful in His time.  He fills our eyes with the delight of a kind word, a thoughtful act, a bird in flight, buds on the trees, the scent of wildflowers, a sunrise- and we are captivated by the one who opens our eyes to see and our ears to hear.

He has gone before us.  With Christ, we have freedom from fear.  Fear that we are not enough, fear that we will mess this up, fear that it will all go wrong.  He keeps us in perfect peace, as we keep our gaze on His steadfast love and faithfulness.  The one who is the anchor of our souls.  Our strong tower.  He will not be moved, and those who trust in Him will not be ashamed.

He has called me on this journey, and so I trust Him with today.  I do not have faith in my adequacy, or my abilities- but my hope is in Him.  For I know that He is the redeemer, the sustainer, the strengthener of my soul.  He who works in me also works in my children.  I can trust in Him, for He loves them more than I.

We will see You in the land of the living
We will find You in the mystery
Your presence is the joy set before us
For now and all eternity

This is my favorite part of the song.  It always makes me tear up a little.  For we have seen Him, and we rejoice in the mystery and wonder of our Lord and Savior.  The one who draws near to us.  His presence IS the joy set before us.  I am never alone, for He walks beside me.  He is the one who keeps my feet from slipping, who sustains and gives rest to those who are weary.  I can entrust myself to His care.

This song also reminds me of what is truly important.  In the day to day, it can be easy to forget that holy, sacred work is happening here- in the monotony, in the piles of dirty laundry and dishes, in the tears and laughter- God is shaping souls.  And there is nowhere I would rather be.  In the joys, in the struggles, in the pain, and in the laughter.  It is all worth it.

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