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Psalm 127:2 “It is vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep.”
This verse hit me so profoundly today. God longs to give us peace and rest. He promises to establish the work of our hands. It is easy to miss out on that rest because we think busyness=productive.
For so many years, I filled my schedule to bursting with so many “great” things. But I was a mess. No quiet time, exhausted, toiling from sun-up to sun-down and after. But honestly, I wasn’t checking in with God. I didn’t ask Him if He wanted me to be doing all those things.
This passage was a gift from the Lord today, because it confirmed a work He has been doing in me these past several years.
“Eating the bread of anxious toil.”
There is a frantic-ness to our work. I remember feeling a pushing and panic in my spirit. There was no peace resting in me- and I was pushed from one activity to another.
Dear friends, let us enter into the rest that God promises to provide.  Even in the midst of the work we are called to, there can be a peace in our spirit.  A centeredness that reflects His presence in the midst of all the events of our lives.
I have felt it, when I was reading to my children and holding them in my lap.
I have drawn near to Him- soap suds covering my hands, scrubbing dishes.
I have whispered prayers- while vacuuming and scrubbing dirty floors.
I have thanked Him- while listening to my daughter share about her newest, favorite story.
I have rejoiced in Him- watching my children play super-heroes with their Dad.
This invitation to the discipline of inviting Him in and accepting the gift of His rest can happen.  Day by day, little by little.
Ask, seek, knock.
Invite Him into all the events of your life, big and small.
And see how He makes all things holy, and time seems to swell as it fills with all the gifts He graciously pours.
O Lord, thank you for giving me a hunger to seek you in all things.  Thank you for drawing me to sisters and brothers in Christ who have also hungered to remain present with you.  Thank you for all the gifts you graciously pour into our lives every day.  Give us eyes to see today.  And as we see and slow down, may our lips praise you, and glorify your matchless Name.
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