Book Review: A Gospel Primer

A Gospel Primer: Learning to See the Glories of God’s Love

by: Milton Vincent

I am immediately starting this book again.
My Dad recommended it to me after I sent him a letter in the mail deeply disturbed by the thought that someday I would have to stand before the LORD and be held accountable for all that I had done in this life. I am ashamed of my sinfulness, that my efforts continually fall short of showing God how much I love him. I was saying with Paul- I do the very evil that I do NOT want to do, even when I set out to do good.
This book eloquently conveys the heart of the gospel. The amazing love that our God graciously bestows upon us when we claim him as our own and return to our true home- his presence.
I completely agree with the author. As we dwell on the gospel, joy fills our soul. Gratitude comes naturally- and out of thanks for the love poured into our lives- while we were still sinners- obedience comes, not begrudgingly, but exuberantly as we seek out the presence of one who loves us so far and above anything we can imagine or hope for.
Our God is amazing!

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