When Spring Forth Glorious Blooms

104 - Ready to pop

When spring forth glorious blooms
Upon the leafy canvas
The whole world stills and stares
Hushed awe in its blissful radiance

Pitcher Sage

There is something so poignant and precious about watching the daily progress of tender blooms emerging in spring.  Of seeing the tiny stalk which holds the flowers grow and unfurl- never rushingit is a perfect dance of growing up and unfurling out to gently and perfectly release the bloom’s petals to the world.

I never tire of this-year after year.

But there is something special about the first time a flower blooms in my garden.  I take particular joy in watching its progress and rejoicing as it moves towards this glorious climax- what it has been made forthis is its glory.

Perhaps this is why John 15 appeals to me so deeply.

Seeing God as our gardener.

Tilling our soil– ridding us of weeds.

Fertilizing us with His Word.

Raining down his Living Water.

Pruning us into shape– taking out those weaker limbs to help us grow strong and true.

Patiently waiting through tough seasons-full of grace.   Not pulling us out by the roots- but gently and lovingly caring for us.

Our blooms are for his glory alone.

For the one who made us to bloom in our own special way- in His time.

And the source of our strength and our blooms is always the plant which we originated from.

He is our true vine.

The source of all true life and help and peace.

And only as we live in Him-abiding in our true nature- do we truly thrive.

Are the weeds choking you out?

Does it seem that they have grown up and are blocking the sun?

Has your life been pruned?

Do you feel weak, wounded, and sore?

Simply come.

Draw near to the vine- to our Gardener.

Let him tenderly care for you.

And wait in hope of the glorious blooms soon to come.

Agave flower detail


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