Prayer to Fight On

Cadet Kelly

Lord, when I fall… yes, even now Lord I need your grace- for it is not IF but WHEN.  Daily I need you.  When I fall, my faithful Lord and Savior- transform my reaction.  Help me to seek you instead of berating myself.  I see underneath these negative thoughts in my head this expectation that I am going to get things right. And my desire to run- to turn away from you.  I don’t want you to see me like this…

Help me accept my mistakes, and let you love me in spite of them.  Remind me that your love isn’t based on my performance, and flows just as strong and sure in my most selfish and low moments. 

My view of you is still tainted by my humanity.  I give you limits where you have none.

Renew my mind.

Expand my understanding.

Lord, help me find peace in these moments that test me.  Give me strength to respond in a way that honors you.  Free me from my expectations- oh Lord, please show me how they are inhibiting my ability to walk in the freedom you long to give me.  Give me new eyes to see.  You give me hope.  Thank you God, for never leaving me- and continuing your work in me.  In Jesus Name I pray and praise, Amen.

dirca starting to bloom

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