More Than A Taste


In the silent stillness of the morning.

When the whole house sleeps, but one.

A Mom bowed low.

Praying desperate whispered prayers in the silence.

Begging for God to make her children hungry for more than a taste.

To make a Mom who helps lead them to the cross.

To the only feast that truly satisfies.

The bread of life.

O Lord, may they be hungry for you.

May all other things in this life never hold sway in their life like you do.

Thank you God, that you hear the prayers of a sinful, broken woman who longs to live and love like your Son Jesus.

May no other hunger grip me more firmly than my desire for your bread.

May my thirst never slacken for the nourishment and refreshment of your Word.

I come before you today, once again overwhelmed by the reality of your love- your provision- your presence.  How you meet me and refresh me in your Word.  You reward those who diligently seek you.  When we seek you with all of our heart.  Your Word is life and light to me.  You strengthen and uphold me.  In you I hope.  You give me joy in motherhood.  For every time I realize that I can’t, or I screw up- I remind myself that your power is made perfect in weakness.  I am brought on my knees once again.  I seek forgiveness and start again.  I am not discouraged for you are with me.  I do not fear for you will not forsake me.  You will strengthen and help me.  You produce fruit through me, as I seek your face.  You uphold me and hold me, you cover me.  And thank you God, you cover my children.  You lead them, you are present with them.  Even now you are working in their lives and it is so glorious to see.  My heart rejoices in God my Savior.  For you are faithful, now and forever. Praise your Holy Name.  Amen.


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