It’s All About You

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Yield to God.

I am yielded to God- all my rights and expectations are his.

Abide in Him.

Accept his yoke- learn from him.

It’s all about you- Jesus.  All this is for you, for your glory and your fame.  It’s not about me, as if you would do things my way.  You alone are God and I surrender to your will (Shelley Nirider- Jesus Lover of my Soul).


This path God calls me to tread seems so foreign at times.

And then- at times- I feel more at home in myself than I can ever remember.

It is what he created me for.

Accepting my proper place.  Under his lordship.  In submission and service to His good will.  To his purposes.

To look at life as an opportunity to know him deeply.  To walk with him and become a friend of God.

Yes, Lord.  I want to be your friend.

Walk with you.

Talk with you.

Listen and respect your voice.  Spend time listening, waiting for you to speak to my heart.

These past few weeks have been some of the most peaceful of my life.  The main thing that has changed- my reaction to circumstances.

I am so aware of God present with me.  And when I have thoughts or react in ways I know are not pleasing to him, I am more quick to seek forgiveness, to confess my wrongs before Him.

I know I am going to fall- I am a sinner.  Each day, as I begin, I remind myself that God establishes me in Christ Jesus.  He molds me; he does the work.  All I am called to do is cooperate.

Keep my eyes on Him.

With a tender heart eager to please Him.  Remind myself about all he has done for me- let joy fill me- even as tears fill my eyes.

Spend some time in amazed silence– meditating on what Jesus has done for me- for you.

I love to read Romans- esp. chapters 5-8.

My peace increases, the more time I spend meditating on who God is- what he has done- that he is near.

When I feel discouraged or sad, frustrated or stressed- I force myself to sing songs about who God is.  This is such a help to me!  Or I look at the verses I have taped to the fridge, or by my desk, or in the bathroom.

I force myself to stop and read- to pray.

To slow down.

Breath deep.

Turn toward him- inside and out.

This was my 083'rd foto, untitled:The River and the Tree of Life

When I die someday, I want to know God and his Son Jesus- as well as a frail, fallen, sinful human being redeemed by God may achieve this.

I am going to be spending eternity with Him, in his presence.

When I think about heaven, awe and wonder fill me- and a little fear.  Fear of this Holy God who is light- in Him is no darkness at all.

I know that is not true of me.  I see the darkness in my own heart- the desire to please the flesh.

Yet I can’t run from Him anymore.

Or turn away.

I want Him, even when it means I have to face the hard truth of my own sin.  Because I have found that what David says is true.  God is so gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love.  He does not give us what we deserve- but piles mercy upon mercy upon mercy.

I feel treasured and tenderly held in his presence.

My prayer for you is that you would slow down and make time for Him.  Whatever it takes- open your Bible and drink His Word in slowly.  Linger over the pages- write down verses that touch you and encourage your spirit.

Pray with your children.

Pray with your husband.

Pray with your friends and neighbors.

Halting, simple prayers.  Pleading prayers. One word prayers.

Just pray.

Make room for silence so that you can hear him.

Be still and know that he is God.

Oh Lord, for so many years I never knew the tender and precious gift of your Presence.  I let other things distract me and crowd in.  How sweet and patient you are.  Long suffering, as you waited for me to turn to you.  And now my eyes are open to see how great your faithfulness truly has been, and is, and I know- will be.  It is all grace.  You slowed me down- stepped into my life and rooted out distractions.  And I look back on what I thought was punishment and just see your abounding love and grace- drawing me to a place of closeness with you.  You are more precious and dear to me today than you have ever been.  I love seeing how your Word transforms- how powerfully it intervenes in my life and reminds me of the truths I forget so easily.  Thank you for loving fallen, sinful me.  For seeing all my filthy rags and embracing me- for washing me clean.  You have given me new life- life everlasting- filled with hope.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  I don’t know how many days you have given me here- but I do know this: you never leave me nor forsake me.  You will strengthen me and help me, and hold me through whatever I may face.  Thank you Lord for your abiding presence.  My soul magnifies the Lord.  My spirit rejoices in God my Savior.  All honor and glory is yours.  In and through Jesus, my precious Savior, Amen.



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