Slowing Down


The guilt comes in waves.

The expectations of others, my own feelings of inadequacy- that I should be doing more, my life should be more.

More what?

I used to fill each moment with action- busyness- stuff- commitments…

The Lord intervened, he slowed me down.

Just Slow Down Baby

But the world wants to badly to speed me up again.

And the woman who used to say Yes has to say NO.

That part of me so anxious to please others has to surrender to what God tells me instead.

And those lies that bombard me, telling me that what I do is not enough.

The Lord whispers, “Peace.  Be still.”

In this short life- these fleeting moments- speeding up more and more the older I get…how do I honor God in this life?

Making room for Him to move in me.

When my schedule is jam-packed with commitments- it is hard to make room to simply be there for someone.

To sit and talk- to hold a hand- to whisper prayers of love and care.

To send a hand written card or letter.

If there isn’t time to spend with God- how can our priorities be right?

Is there anything more important than knowing our God who we will be with for eternity?

The world vies for our time- for our resources- and makes convincing arguments.  Many times they are also gratifying to our flesh.

But what does God say?  Will we let Him have the last word?

I want to live this life to the fullestIn His presence there is fullness of joy- in his right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Will I take what feels good for the moment- what gratifies my flesh and pleases people- or will I seek to please God- look for that most excellent way?

Love is the most excellent way.

Love takes time.



Love is hard.

It can’t be done in a hurry.

Sometimes the most important moments are unplanned- and we can miss them in the fast-paced race of life.

So I pray- Lord, teach me to wait.  Teach me to slow down.  Open my eyes to see as you see.  That moments can be filled with you when I slow down enough to see you.  To let your word soak in and saturate me.  I need more of you- your truth- your way.

At Bible Study Fellowship this week we talked about getting into the wheelbarrow and letting God push.  That’s absolute surrender.

God sets the pace.

God steers our direction.

What do we need to let go of?

To let ourselves really live intentionally?

Are we letting our life run us ragged?

I pray for a new year full of courage to live God’s way.  To let go of all these wordly expectations and simply rest in His Truth.

To get to know my Savior more deeply.

To take his yoke upon me and learn from Him.

Oh Lord, help us to let go.  To surrender and give ourselves over to you.  In this surrender is so much freedom, and yet we fear losing that illusion of control- 0f keeping our ducks in a row.  Remind us through your Word how much you love us- all that you have done- what you have sacrificed.  You made us- you know what we need- what will make our hearts sing and fulfill our souls.  You bring lasting peace.  This world promises big and leaves us hollow and filled only with regret.  Oh Lord- help us fix our eyes on eternity.  To long for you passionately and to see with new eyes- to serve with your joy and humility.  I believe that you can transform me; you can make me an effective witness for you.  Oh Lord let it be so- all for your glory.  In Jesus precious name, Amen.


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