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Saturday’s Song is a Blog Hop where bloggers who love Christian music share the music that God uses to speak to them! So, turn on your radio, Pandora, Jango, or pop in your favorite CD, and get your post ready for next week’s Link Up!!


This goal of this Blog Hop

is to broaden your view of

Christian music using a different

theme/challenge each week.

If you are a blogger who loves Christian music, join us in connecting with other bloggers and sharing our love of Christian music with the blogosphere! Enjoy!!

This week’s theme/challenge:


Kari Jobe’s song What Love is This has been one of my favorites since the summer.  I had been studying Romans for several months- it was life-changing.  For the first time in my Christian life I daily pondered what God has done for me.  It felt like a tidal wave struck my heart and I was drowned in His love.  This song articulates so well how my heart responds to the love of our Savior- I am overwhelmed and grateful that I keep finding open arms.

Next week’s theme/challenge:

A song relating to your job/profession/career.
Get your post ready for next week’s Link Up!!

Is there a song that God uses to speak to you about Love? Tell me all about it!

Let’s get this Link Up Party started!


We would LOVE it if you linked up with a post about

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Saturday’s Song Blog Hop Rules:

1. Write a post that follows the weekly theme/challenge.

2. Follow the host and hostesses via GFC.

3. Grab a button to put on your blog – the more the merrier!

4. Check out (and comment) other people’s blogs.

5. Be blessed by all the sisters and brothers around the world!

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