Leaving Rubbish for Riches


This Christmas season, as I have pondered all the changes that this year of life has wrought, I am overwhelmed by one simple truth.

The more time I spend in God’s Word- memorizing it, meditating upon it, talking about it with my husband, family, and friends- the more I see the evidence that God is steering my life.

And I see the world’s influence.

I can identify the Enemy’s schemes and temptations and more often avoid them before I fall.

Only through God’s grace and influence.

His Word expands my understanding.

He keeps me watchful and disciplined in seeking His truth.

But it is a daily battle that I cannot slack from continually fighting.

The world has many allurements- the greatest battlefield for me is simply my time.

It is easy to waste it in frivolous pursuits, instead of remembering the short span of this life and the importance of abiding in God continually- allowing Him to transform my mind and be willing to be used for His pursuits and Him alone.

We live in a society that says…”I deserve”… and “I need”… and fills in those blanks with so many self-centered lies.

But when we compare all these trappings with God’s Word- we find that the only thing we truly need is the bread of life- Jesus Christ.  We live on the words that come from the mouth of God.

As we round out this year and begin 2013- I pray for a deeper faith.  For a greater hunger for the things of God.  That I would let all go and remember as Paul so aptly said- all is rubbish compared with the glorious riches of knowing Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our world needs more of Him.  Our cities need more of Him.

Our neighborhoods need more of Him.

We can be the light of Christ in this dark world.

Nothing else satisfies like our God.

My prayer- that we will let go and allow Him to steer our lives.  That all worldly pursuits would cease in favor of silently waiting upon the Lord to direct our steps.

Dear Lord, God and King- we come to you in adoration and praise.  When we ponder all that you have done- how you rescued us out of our sin and have made us sons and daughters- our hearts are filled with joy and thankfulness.  Forgive us Lord, for those things we still hold onto tighter than we hold onto you.  Those things that steer our lives and take us away from you- reveal them to us we pray- and may we in obedience choose to submit to your yoke and rest in the peace of your Presence.  For you are not like the other pursuits of this life- that promise big and never fulfill.  You always keep your promises.  You are faithful.  Your Love is perfect.  Oh Lord, may we fight this battle with endurance, remembering you promise to hold us if we stumble, so that we will not fall headlong.  You do not leave us nor forsake us, and when we trust in you, we will not be ashamed.  We can’t hope in your promises if they are not known to us.  We cannot be filled with joy when we are filled with the world’s lies.  We need your truth to fill us.  May we diligently seek you through your Word and prayer- so that we never forget the power that is ours to claim in your Name.  How precious are the feet that bring good news.  As we ready ourselves to celebrate your birth- I am reminded once again of those humble shepherds- outcasts in their day- that enjoyed a choir of angels one night as they announced the wondrous news of our Savior’s birth.  Fill our hearts with wonder- may joy overflow in our hearts as we ponder the great love you have shown to us in sending your Son.  Our Emmanuel, our Savior, our friend.  In Jesus precious name, Amen.

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