Call on Jesus

Flowers Fall, but the Word of Our God Stands Forever

Is. 40:8 The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.”


We are Jesus’ brothers and sisters.

We are family.

A royal priesthood.

He became like us in every respect.

He suffered and was tested (tempted).

He is able to help us in our time of need.

He has been there.

He is able.

Our God knows firsthand the struggles of this world.

The distractions of this world.

Call on Jesus.

Ask for His help.

He knows and understands our suffering and struggles.

He is our intercessor.

He claims us and is among us- his church.

He embraces us; those whose sins nailed him to the cross.

What love is this?

Kari Jobe has a line in her song (What Love is This) that says:

I look to You
I see the scars upon your Hands
And hold the truth that when I can’t You always can
And standing here beneath the shadow of the cross
I’m overwhelmed that I keep finding opening arms

That describes so well how I feel these days.  Overwhelmed.  And I picture Jesus’ arms opened wide to embrace me.  To hold and love me- those hands that were pierced for my iniquity, and I say in wonder- What love is this?

We have power when we call on His Name.

He is faithful.

When we can’t, he can.

In whatever you may be facing, whatever dark clouds are gathering on the horizon, remember that we know the one who calmed the stormy seas with a word- and he is there with us on the boat.

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