Your Name Always on My Lips

talking to myself

Whose name do I want to make great?

Mine, or God’s?

Whose name is on my lips- who do I speak most about?

We talked this past week at Bible Study Fellowship about spreading the fame of our God.  Letting our testimony of His grace and goodness always be on our lips.

And I have starting thinking about how often I talk about God- and when I do- is it more about me, and what I have done- or simply about who He is?

Am I living to bring glory to Him alone?

Why would I want to withhold the truth of my God from a dying world?

I see in my own life the fruitlessness of any pursuit not connected with my Savior and Lord.  If he is not in it- then it is meaningless- a chase after the wind.

He makes our plans effective- when he guides our steps, our lives produce fruit.

His love is better than life.  His steadfast love is greater than any other gift or pleasure this world has to offer.

But do I live like I believe it?

Am I willing to sacrifice pleasure now, today, to be obedient?

Am I willing to do without material possessions, to be disciplined and intentional with my life- to pay attention and not just live a morally right life- but a life of love with my God?

When we grow up in the church- I think we can miss it.  It is not just about what we do, or do not do- it is our heart.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Love your neighbor as yourself.

Without love, I am just a clanging symbol- I make a lot of noise, maybe I am annoying- and I may look like I am living a good life, a morally upright life- but God is not pleased.

He wants our love– and out of that love, spending time with Him, getting to know Him- then our hearts gush with passionate love and joy in Him- and it spills over in our conversations– because we can’t contain- we don’t want to contain- the love that has come into our lives.

We sacrifice in joy, we let self go- we deny self- and freely extend grace.

Oh Lord, change our hearts.  Let us boldly claim your Name.  Help us to not be distracted by all the material wealth all around us- the easy accessibility of earthly pleasures- that we start to feel at home here.  This is not our home.  Our home is with you, it is in you.  Only by yielding ourselves to you will we find peace.  In surrender we make our home in you, our refuge and strong tower.  There is no storm in this life that you cannot see us through.  There is no situation that we face that we cannot overcome if we simply seek you first.  Acknowledge our need- immerse ourselves in your Word.  Seek you in prayer, kneel at your feet.  Then we are strong.  Oh Lord my God, Savior, King- creator of all, your love is better than life.  I cannot hide from you.  You know my deepest fears and desires- when my heart hardens Lord, when I seek my own way- you know it.  Help me to forsake pride and put on humility- to be willing to accept your discipline today.  To not bristle under the rebuke of a friend, but humbly accept correction and test it in prayer with you.  As troubles come Lord, I will bring them to you.  You are the one who can help me- peace doesn’t come from casting my cares on anyone but you.  You alone give me rest.  You alone help me bear the burdens of this life and give me freedom.  Thank you Lord, for the gracious gift of your Son.  For grace without end.  For your presence Lord, and your church.  All honor and glory is yours- may we increase your fame upon the earth as we testify to all you have done for us. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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