Today I Remember You

Overwhelmed with joy.

Every night when I hold you in my arms, and you rest your head on my shoulder.

And I open my mouth to pray for you.

I am struck with wonder- at God’s precious gift.

Two years of joy-filled memories.

The way you run with your head up.

How you always stop on walks and point to the sky- seeing that tiny bird or plane- wide-eyed in wonder.

The exuberant sound you make when you give a high-five.

The way you eagerly run out the door, excited to explore the yard once again- to swing and climb and slide and scoop sand.

How you hold out your hand, asking for mine.

The way you clasp my two fingers tightly.

You are a gift that never stops giving– and each day I can hardly believe that you are real and really here.

That God graciously allowed me to be your Mom.

To walk in this life with you.

I love you my precious James boy.

I pray that you will love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and that you will serve Him all of your days.

I pray that your Dad and I would discipline, teach, and guide you in Godly truth- as we seek to live obedient to God.

I don’t pray that you will have an easy life, my precious son, but that God would use all that you go through to refine you for His purposes, that you would be prepared for the work he has for you to do.

We love you, we will pray for you, treasure you, and cheer you on.

Happy Birthday our precious son.  We pray for many more opportunities to celebrate in the years to come.

Each day is a gift.




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