When Love is Hard

Such A Loss

Sometimes Love is hard.

Anger seems easier…

or blame.

When you have been wronged.

You have been hurt.

And your feelings are justified.

Maybe you were betrayed.

Maybe it’s a lie of omission.

But the truth is- sometimes love hurts.

Sometimes those we love the most hurt us.

Ugly thoughts invade.

Wanting to hurt back like I’ve been hurt.

Maybe withhold love as a punishment.

Act like they owe us something now.

Some of my thoughts today have been dark, black, stormy.

And I pray, peace be still.

Lord, bring peace to my mind.

Remind me, as I struggle- I break- I hurt- not to strike out in anger and return hurt for hurt.

But let me love as you called me to.


For better or worse.

Unconditional- extended in sunshine or in rain.

Her eyes in heaven, Would through the airy region stream so bright, That birds would sing and think it were not night.

Love is patientOh Lord help me be patient.

Love is kind.   Lord, give me strength to be kind.

It does not envy.  My God, Help me accept my present circumstances and not focus on whether or not it is fair, or compare it to other people’s circumstances.

It does not boast.  My Savior, let me boast only in You and what you did for me on the cross, and remember that even in these moments when it is easy to lay the blame on someone else- I am guilty and only washed clean by your blood.  I have no stones to throw.

It is not proud.  Lord, give me a humble heart- not one that says- I don’t deserve this- or punishes my loved one for the wrong they have done.  Give me the strength to live love in humility, remembering all that you have graciously forgiven me.

It does not dishonor others.  Lord, help me guard my tongue and choose my words carefully, especially when I am emotionally in turmoil and can spill careless words.

It is not self-seeking.  Oh Lord, my God, give me a tender heart toward my loved one, that I will remember all the ways they have graciously served and sacrificed for me- and joyfully do so for them now.

It is not easily angered.  Lord, you know anger is a weakness for me.  Please soothe it away with your peace.

It keeps no record of wrongs.  Lord, help me let this go.  I have forgiven, now help me live with no memory, no score card, no tally- only pure love that is not based on circumstances or another’s worthiness- but only their infinite value in your eyes.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  The truth has come out Lord.  Let me rejoice in a secret no longer hidden.  Help me focus on the good that comes from the truth being spoken and how it sets us free- how we can begin to heal.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Lord, help me to love this precious person, to protect and guard their heart- to treat it tenderly.  Give me courage to trust again, now, even in the midst of the pain and shock of this new reality- don’t let me lose faith.  May I keep hoping and persevering through this, knowing that as we emerge on the other side of this storm together you will strengthen and mold us in your image.  May we both cling to you and continue to love each other faithfully.

Love never fails. Your love, perfect love, is our model.  I want to love like you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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