Thanks Pours Down


These leaves are ready to fall.

Ripe in the shortening days; whispering of the coming winter. Their own melody of rustling and descending, beautiful and frail in the morning sun.

I long to fall more fully into your grace.

I sit and write. I write again today because I need to remember.

I need to count- to look for You.

As we broke the bread yesterday, these words choked me up again.

Give Thanks.

They are everywhere.

Calling us- urging us to look for the Savior- to see our God and raise our tear-stained faces, raise our weary hands, look up and see the face of hope, the face of love.

Mercy poured out for you and for me.

#444  The way God made the waves and the sun
#450 My son’s smile
#453 Watching my child learn to read

#455 Reading a book as a family and snuggling
#459 Pumpkins and cool evenings

#464 A peaceful walk at the park
#474 Hiding God’s Word in our hearts

#480 God is our refuge
#487 Those days when I don’t say hurry

#492 Encouraging and praying for a friend

#494 Peace and harmony in our home
#501 Love that disciplines

#514 My daughter’s gentle reminder to be thankful

#516 A husband who patiently loves and serves

#523 Taking time to be still, listen to my daughter’s heartbeat, and just hold her

#526 Talking on the phone with Grandma
#527 Riding on Dada’s back

#533 You are working in me, even though my eyes can’t see
#534 I do not journey alone

#566 Your steadfast and unfailing love Ps. 32,33

#576 Singing Crown Him Lord of All

#581 Slowing down to listen and enjoy the sounds of my children playing

#596 Wagon ride through the neighborhood
#607 Our Turtle Sandbox

#616 Time to connect with my hubby as we run and enjoy God’s creation
#617 The peaceful stillness and rhythm as I run

#668 Testifying to God’s provision

#696 Your Grace is sufficient for me
#697 Grace that is greater than all my sin

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2 Responses to Thanks Pours Down

  1. Darnly says:

    What a beautiful list….
    What beautiful words you put together….
    What a beautiful picture.
    Thanks for sharing…I always feel so blessed when I read the graces, the gifts God showers upon each of us.
    God bless you for sharing.

    • Rachel says:

      Thank you Darnly. God bless you. Yes, I agree- this community is such a blessing- together we lift our thanks to our God and King.

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