what now?

Come to me.

Jesus calls.

You who are weary.


Seek me.

And I will give you rest.

Rest.  (deep breath)

Rest in me.

I will shelter you.

Take my yoke.

Let me lead.


Submit to my loving leadership.

Learn from me.

Accept my discipline.

For I am gentle.




And humble of heart.

And you shall find REST.

Rest for your weary soul.

My yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Let me carry your burdens, I will lighten your load.

In your trust and obedience, there is freedom.

Oh Lord, I want that rest in you.  You gently call to us in our weariness to come.  Unload all our burdens and submit to your leadership.  Take your yoke-it requires obedience and trust.  A recognition of our proper place- of all that you have done.  We were made to live with you, in You, abiding always.  Then we may taste the sweet rest that is found in your arms.  As I seek you, show me the way to this rest, that I may find it and reside there- by your grace.  Even as I write this, my heart fills with grateful praise to you.  For you alone show us the path of life, in your right hand are treasures and eternal pleasures forevermore.  Transform me Lord, that I might seek and love all things that you love and forsake the idols of this world.  Fill me with you and you alone.  By your grace and power I pray, in Jesus Name, Amen.

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