The Pursuit of Man

The Pursuit of Man

By:  A.W. Tozer



I have become a big fan of Tozer in the past year.  I read The Pursuit of God earlier this year, and just finished my second book which this current entry concerns.

If you want to go deeper in your relationship with the Lord, Tozer’s books can inspire and help ignite a passion for God in your heart.  He does say, and I agree, that his books simply point you to the source you need to seek- God.

He longs for us to throw off all that hinders us from living this life in complete surrender and devoted service to our God.  To worship Him and bring glory to His Name.

In this book he talks at length about the Holy Spirit, and how his presence transforms the believer.

One of my favorite chapters is titled “Why the World Cannot Receive.”  Here is a quote from that chapter:

We may sing, “Crown Him Lord of All,” and rejoice in the tones of the loud-sounding organ and the deep melody of harmonious voices, but still we have done nothing until we have left the world and set our faces toward the city of God in hard practical reality. When faith becomes obedience then it is true faith indeed.

His books can be confrontational and bring conviction into your heart.  If you are eager to grow and conform no longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, Tozer can support you on that journey.

I highly recommend it, and will definitely be reading it again.



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