Rediscovering Holiness

Rediscovering Holiness  

by: J.I. Packer



I chose to read this book because Ann Voskamp, who wrote One Thousand Gifts, cites it in her book.  I wanted to read more books that talked about living a thankful life in praise to God.

It is amazing how God has used this book to convict and inspire me in the past several weeks.

I love the way Packer writes.

He is organized and thoughtful in his writing; he cites countless Scriptures referring to each topic he covers, and his passion for God almost jumps off the page.

I am already certain that I will buy this book, for it is one that I will want to read again and refer to specific chapters over and over again.

I just finished his chapter on confession as an essential part of the Christian life.  He quotes many Christians from ages past- and I love how he weaves their stories and testimonies into his discussion of the essential habits that should be daily practiced by Christians seeking to live a holy and set apart life for God.

It begs the question: are we truly Christ followers if we are not daily seeking to be holy, as God is holy?

He has also inspired me to spend more time reading in the gospels- to study with life of Christ with renewed intensity- and truly seek to model my life after his.

I would highly recommend this book.


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