Voice: Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday

Raise my voice


Sing and let the words flow.  Not thinking, not wandering- just praising.

Letting my heart come through my mouth and lift to the sky.

Freedom of expression and peace of my heart as I see those words lifting higher and higher.

I hear another voice join in.  the Uninhibited songs of my daughter- hearing my voice, listening to my song.

And she makes the song her own.  Adds her own melody of beauty and purity.

No thinking, debating, editing, and examining- just joy bursting forth.

She dances.  I wish that my feet would move like that when I sing- but mostly I am still.

Inside and out.  Just letting the words go- refusing to hold it in anymore.  Just freedom and peace.

As the words make their way to the sky, I hope that they reach you.  That you hear and are pleased.  For the words are my love song to you.

The genuine outpouring of this grateful heart.  All songs are yours.  All melody exist to praise you.

This voice would lose its song without the object of its hope.  Without the one that makes all of this worth living- laboring- breathing.

Free at last.

My voice continues, louder, stronger, and my eyes close.

You make me sing.



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6 Responses to Voice: Five Minute Friday

  1. This is just gorgeous! The freedom and peace ring out from your words. A beautiful offering to Him. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jacqui says:

    This is beautiful Rachel! Overflowing with gratitude and praise. Love it!

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