Surrounded by You

Ascott House Gardens, Buckinghamshire, UK | National Trust gardens with flowering meadows full of tulips and narcissi in spring (9 of 22)

There is something about being outside.

I feel closer to You.

Your voice seems clearer.

My voice adds to a chorus already raised in Your praise.

The cell phone ring seems out of place; I leave it behind.

Wanting nothing to disrupt this perfect balance of quiet and melody.

Inside there are noises,



But out here…

Your peace no longer seems impossible.

Be still.

In the quiet, I tune myself to Your melody.

I know its chords, sure and strong.

As You pour Your Spirit, You pour words.

Fill me with Your Truth.

Your melody of love.

Bewick's Wren

When it is playing in my mind, anything else I hear is off key.


Easily identifiable.

But I must let the tune linger.

Remember the melody my Savior plays for me.

Let the notes lift my Spirit and set it free.

The minor notes of the enemy’s lies try to sneak in.

Infiltrate the melody.

To know Your voice, I must know Your Word.

Your Truth.

Memorize the song.

Know it by heart.

Then the song is always on my lips.

My life is song.


Live the song all day long.

In silence you remind me.

In peace I find thee.





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3 Responses to Surrounded by You

  1. Ms. Kathleen says:

    Wow, I love that photo! So much life. I agree with being outside with the Lord. I love just walking out on my deck in the morning. Beautiful prose :)

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