Liebster Award

I am honored to share that two blogging ladies have given me the Liebster Award. Michy at Loving Our Journey and Christy at Love is a Verb.

Liebster is a German word that means sweet, kind, nice, endearing, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued, welcome.

This is an award for blogs with 200 followers or less, so it’s a great way to spread the word about smaller blogs.

When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself, and answer 11 questions from the person who gave you the award.  You then pass the award on to 11 deserving blogs, link them in your post, and ask them 11 questions. (Also link back to the blog which gave you the award).

11 Random Facts about Me

  1. I love hiking and camping.
  2. I put jalapenos on just about everything.
  3. I am the middle child of five.
  4. I am left-handed.
  5. Huge soccer fan.
  6. I am very competitive, especially in any sport-related events.
  7. I love to sing- and I am part of our church choir.
  8. I have over 20 plants in my house.  (twice that many outside)
  9. I never get tired of watching the hummingbirds that visit our yard each day.
  10. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie/book- (the BBC version w Colin Firth).
  11. I love watching old musicals with my kids (Singing in the Rain is our current favorite).

11 Questions from the ladies who gave me this award.

  1. Where do I blog?  Where is my computer located?  In our bedroom on the first floor of our house.  I have a large window nearby with a great view of our back yard.
  2. What was your reason for starting a blog?  I am very passionate about life, especially after spending time working in crisis pregnancy centers and counseling women who have had abortions.  I want to inspire others to get involved with Right to Life, crisis pregnancy centers, and inform themselves about the facts related to abortion- it is more than a political issue.  I also love writing and sharing about what God is teaching me as I daily seek to know Him more.
  3. What’s your favorite snack food? Popcorn and dark chocolate (not necessarily mixed together…)
  4. What is your favorite book of the Bible right now?  Romans, especially chapters 5-9.  I have been meditating on God’s gift of salvation and it has greatly encouraged me these past several months.
  5. If you could bring a fictional character to life, who would it be? Claire from the Outlander series.  I think we could be good friends- she is so courageous, tenacious, and fiesty.
  6. What do you do to stay healthy?   I try to eat a healthy diet and stay away from processed/greasy foods.  I love to run, play soccer, and chase my kiddos.
  7. Are you a morning person or a night owl?  I get up at 5:30am each morning, usually in bed before 10pm- definitely a morning person.
  8. What’s your ideal job?  Working with women in crisis- either at a crisis pregnancy center or shelter for abused women- or possibly a treatment facility for troubled teen girls (Moms).
  9. What’s your favorite holiday?  Christmas without a doubt.  I love decorating and singing Christmas carols and going out and chopping down a tree.  My hubby and I love having people over for a party and watching Christmas movies. It is more special now that we have begun sharing all our family traditions with our children.
  10. Where is your favorite vacation spot?  Anywhere that I can be with family and/or friends.
  11. What was the happiest day of your life?  That’s hard.  The first few that come to mind are the day I was baptized at our church camp (I was in high school) and testified about my faith in God, the day I married my hubby, and the days our children were born.

I am passing the award on to these bloggers, please stop by and visit:

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Here are the questions for the blogs above:

  1. What are you cooking these days?
  2. Where do you go to de-stress?
  3. What scripture speaks the most to you?
  4.  Where do you get your ideas for new posts?
  5. Do you like SWEET or SALTY snacks?
  6. What’s your favorite family time event?
  7.  What is your least favorite chore to do around the house?
  8. What’s your favorite hobby/activity to do in your spare time?
  9. Do you play or watch any sports?
  10. Are you a country or city girl?
  11. If you could lead ANY ministry organization, which one would it be and why?
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  1. Eileen says:

    Thank you, Rachel! I LOVE jalapenos too. Do you ever put them on pizza?

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