Thankful in July

Writing with Ink

Highlights from our July Thankful List:

  • sharing an ice cream sandwich
  • chalk-covered bottoms
  • God is watching out for me (J)
  • Bible (J)
  • how God made me (J)
  • jumping (J)
  • hummingbirds
  • My daughter’s prayers
  • Quiet time by the lake
  • Sharing hearts as my hubby and I pound the pavement (our running dates)
  • silent, slow drives alone with my thoughts
  • A word of wisdom from a friend
  • Good Samaritan that helped me change my tire
  • giggling under the covers
  • thankful Jesus died at Easter (J)
  • God is healing my body- hurt knee (J)
  • messy days that remind me how much I need you (God)
  • my hubby’s hugs
  • Embracing sacrifice in love
  • Seeing and remembering
  • Those who speak the truth even when it hurts
  • Naptime
  • dancing in the kitchen (J)

J- means my daughter Jesse’s thankful list- all the others are mine or for both of us.

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