Non-Traditional Bible Devotions

***Today I am sharing a guest post from my new blogging friend Michy over at Loving Our Journey.

I love reading God’s words in my old, earmarked, highlighted, sticky noted bible.
Being a perfectionist, I feel like I should read the bible everyday, every single morning.
“Rising very early  before dawn, he left and went off to a deserted place, and where he prayed.”  (Mark 1:35).
After trying over the years to read the bible, whether it be different passages, books, or following a study guide, I feel like I fail over and over again.  I crave His word, His teachings, and have more faith focused days when I do.  The only time this happens consistently, though, is when I was part of a weekly bible study group…that does not exist for me anymore.
Finally, I’ve learned to take a new approach:  accepting what works for God and I along our prayerful journey.
“…your father knows what you need before you ask him.”  (Matthew 6:8)
So when I just open the bible to a random page and start reading, I’ve had the message on the page speak true to my heart.  No plan…and I’ve been brought to tears.
I recently stumbled upon a book Where to Find it in the Bible.  It’s full of topics and bible passages that correspond.  I felt guilty buying it, like I’m cheating.
Learnng to accept what works for God and I along our prayerful journey…
I flip through pages, find what I want to read about, and find it in my bible.  Hours go by.  Non-traditional bible reading…and I’m loving it.
I’m enjoying my bible more.
Being open to God’s words to my heart in any way I can…
Blessings from my heart to yours,
Michy is a Christian Stay At Home mother writing with passion about her loves: faith, parenting, and healthy living.  She is a past Special Education teacher and Elementary Literacy Specialist who loves learning.  You can visit her on facebook or at her Loving Our Journey blog where she hosts Faithfully Friday Parenting Linky Party.
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  1. Thank you so much for having me!!! I am honored and look forward to meeting some of your readers. :)

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