Big Little Things

LOVE is ...
We do so many small, seemingly insignificant things each day.

Change countless diapers.

Wash countless limbs and faces.

Kiss boo-boos.

A good story

Read books 20-30-50+ times.

We have “laps” that get some serious mileage.

Hands that tug at our clothes, eager to share discoveries.

Eyes that seek ours– longing for a word, a touch, a smile.

We pick up toys.

Healthy Carrot Oatmeal Bites

Vacuum and vacuum again.

Slice up food into tiny bites.

Wipe the table.

Say prayers of comfort; prayers of praise.

Sing silly songs, love songs, songs of yearning.

We wash laundry.


And love can run out all over- it can pour and seep and shower.

To comfort tears.

To bring hope.

To value life.

To share and savor.

We touch eternity when we seek holiness in our home.

When we invite God in- come Lord Jesus.

Fill these minutes- touch these moments.

Consecrate our days; all that we touch.

Open hand

Purify and refine.

So many big little things live in my home and my heart.

Let them be a praise offering to you.

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