You Changed Me

Oh Jesse, my precious girl- how you have changed me.

You have shown me joy in self-sacrifice.

That there are some things better than sleep.

Through you I have remembered the bliss of play.



As I have sought to love you with my whole being- I am captured by a hunger for God that I have never known- suddenly seeing Him as one who longs to know and love me as I long to nurture and love you each day of your life.

You changed my priorities, sweet Jesse– an evening of watching you and your brother play- or putting together a puzzle, reading a book, and playing Candy Land delights my soul.

I no longer want to rush- but to be fully present with youTo truly see and enjoy you.

You have slowed down my life and by God’s grace I pray that we will treasure each day we have together.

Suddenly the simple things are being celebrated dailyall because you have made me see them again.  Seeing the beauty in weeds, hearing the birds sing, gazing at the clouds, delighting in watching things grow- all sweeter because of you.

You have drawn me to your level, seeing things with wonder and amazementdelighting in each plane that soars across the sky as if it is the first you have ever seen.

Your prayers are pure and innocent, full of trust and hope in God.

Through you I have discovered a longing to recapture the passion of my youth, to feel my soul set on fire for God once more.

I treasure you my precious girl.

Oh God, thank you for the gift of her life. I pray once again for your guidance and grace as I endeavor to raise her to love you and serve you all of her life.  Lord, you give such amazing gifts.  Thank you.  In Jesus Name, Amen.



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