Loving Hands

Love in Hand

They reach out to hold me in the morning when I rise.
They wipe tears from my face when I fall down and cry.

They wash dishes and prepare meals.

They turn pages of the book while I snuggle in her lap.

They tickle and tease as we laugh and play.
They hold my shoulders firmly when I have lost my way.

They reach out to hold my hand as we shop or cross the street.

They hold me close as she whispers sweet words of love in my ear.

They clean the house with care and attention; working with joy and peace.

They never are too tired to reach out and comfort me.

I got my hand on a miracle

They push me on the swing till I almost touch the sky.

These hands show love in a million ways.
It is more about what you do than the words that you say.

Your hands speak love into my life with each tender touch.
They share God’s love and whisper- you are precious and treasured my love.

You are loved.

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