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  2. Sylvia R says:

    Really good, well thought-out post. We so much just let ourselves get driven, without even thinking who’s doing the driving.

    • Rachel says:

      Amen, that’s such a great summary of this post Sylvia. Are we driven by God or by worldly pursuits or aims? Thank you for stopping by, God bless you.

  3. Becky says:

    So true, i am already praying these things for my two week old little blessing.

    Thanks for linking up with us today!!

  4. This is a great post. I don’t often question God but I do question most everything else. Should I homeschool? Of course I want to…there is a lot of opposition to this I’ve found. People do what their parents did so often it’s a cycle we’re stuck in. I’m definitely bookmarking this post to come back to!! Thanks for linking up with us today!

    • Rachel says:

      Thank you, Kelly for stopping by, so glad I found your link-up. That’s a good suggestion- I need to start bookmarking some of my favorite posts too. God bless you.

  5. Kelly says:

    I LOVE this. This very topic is something that I’ve prayed over a LOT these days. HOW am I doing emphasizing the most important part of our life and that is Jesus as the center of our home and our individual lives. Living counter-cultrally takes a LOT LOT LOT of courage but God gives it! Reading this post gave me goosebumps. You know my heart girl!! Thank you for linking up to In the Word Wednesday today!

    • Rachel says:

      Kelly, you have blessed me so much with your words. I praise and thank God that as He moves in our hearts and changes us- He also provides encouragement. You have encouraged me. :) I pray that we can continue to encourage each other to be obedient to God’s calling in our lives for our families. God bless you.

  6. Heidi says:

    Great topic. I’m a homeschooling mom and while I’m certain this is what He’s called me to do… I am constantly asking for guidance… asking if He’s sure I’m the right mom for the job. Trusting Him is an ongoing thing… I’m grateful that my trust is in the pattern of continual growth… with lots of hic-ups in between :) God, increase my Faith!! Great post, thank you!

    • Rachel says:

      Thank you for stopping by Heidi! :) I totally agree- it is a continual process of seeking Him and trusting Him. And yes, I have days when I wonder if I am the right Mom for the job too!
      In Sacred Parenting, Gary Thomas talks about how God knew our children even before they were a twinkle in our eye- and He chose them to be part of our family. Nothing is accidental with our God- God can use our children to shape us just as we are seeking to teach and discipline our children in a way that is honoring to God. That was so encouraging to me to remember- our God plans and sees all- and can use all for His glory. God bless you, thank you for stopping by.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Oh man…..great blog! And a question that I know I do not think about enough. When we are doing things that are generally “good” I think it is easy to assume that God approves, rather than asking Him if that is really how we are meant to spend our times. Thanks for the reminder!


    • Rachel says:

      So glad you stopped by Tiffany. Yes, it is so easy to just go with the flow of what is “normal” without seeking God in all things. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Blessings.

  8. Eileen says:

    Love this, Rachel! We get caught in the vicious cycle of trying to live up to everyone elses standard and we really only need to be looking at His! Thank you for this reminder. And for linking up.

  9. God wants to be considered in ALL areas of our life….great topic. How easy it is to get caught up in routines and endless activities. How easy it is to squeeze God right out of the picture. Thanks for the thought provoking questions?

    • Rachel says:

      Yes Elizabeth, I agree. We are so busy-and it’s challenging to step out of that cultural value and seek God’s will as we choose activities and how we as a family spend our time. So glad you stopped by, God bless you! :)

  10. You have challenged me today, to seek Him first in all that I do. Thank you for this reminder.


  11. Marie says:

    Wrapping our children and families in daily prayer is a must.

    not only will that show and teach them how to, but it will also show and teach them to seek Him and His will.

    i always always always tell my children that nothing will make me happier than for them to be right in the middle of God’s will. and… even though it may take them far away from me, as painful as that will be – nothing will bring me more joy!


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