Thankful in June

Giving Thanks

Summary of the highlights of our Thankful List for June (I pray that it blesses you):

  • nachos with jalapenos
  • loneliness- makes me seek God
  • sunflowers swaying and stretching toward the sun
  • jumping off the arm of the couch (J)
  • food that I get to eat (J)
  • plants that grow in the woods (J)
  • watermelon that Dada cut last night (J)
  • Watching Jesse turn a grey blanket into 100 dresses
  • my son’s laugh
  • the pit, pit, pat of rain coming down our gutter
  • for my body, my teeth, my lips, and my mouth (J)
  • the trees that made the shade at the park (J)
  • the weather God gave me (J)
  • choir practice- I want to go when I am bigger to sing praises to God (J)
  • having a picnic at the park (J and Mom)
  • hummingbirds at our flowers (J and Mom)
  • God is watching out for me (J)
  • my daughter’s prayers
  • laughter that shakes my whole body
  • Our son’s look of joy as my hubby kissed me

As we give thanks Lord, may we remember You- and honor You with our praise.

*** J = something my daughter shared.

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