10 Responses to Remain in Him

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  2. Wow…thank you for linking! This is a great reminder for me…I can be too much in desire…for control..and certainly need to open to Him more-
    Would love to have you back again for another Faithfully Parenting Friday….I think more people visit for first day linkers, but I love coming slowly back to read everyone’s over the week! Hoping to create a nice community!

    • Rachel says:

      The book I am reading right now, the Cost of Discipleship- has really challenged me in this area, especially my desire to control my life instead of releasing it in trust to my Savior and Lord. Looking forward to linking up again on Friday- blessings Michy- I am sure you bless many by taking the time to visit them and comment on their posts as well as providing a place to link up and share.

  3. How often we strive for the false sense of control over our lives…. Thank you for this reminder to follow hard after Christ and allow Him to mold us into what He desires.

  4. Amen! Being surrendered to the Potter is what matters most!

  5. Stephen Dayo says:

    Remaning in Him is like baby in the hand the caring mother, who watch over the baby, care for hin, nurture him, provide for his needs, and direct his path to the way he should go. So we should release all to Him.

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