Moving a Shrub

One of the hard lessons we sometimes learn in the garden- planting something in the wrong place.

Maybe I didn’t realize _______ fill in the blank…

Whatever the reason- the plant/shrub is dying- leaves burning, falling off, or maybe it just isn’t growing like it should- and I start to wonder- can I move it?

I talked with some other gardeners and they told me- it is risky but if you know the plant/shrub might die if you keep it where it is- sometimes it is worth the risk to go ahead and do it.

So, I moved my Camellia ‘Elizabeth Ann’ and my Black Knight Butterfly Bush over the past month.

Here’s what I did, I dug holes in locations where plants were going to be moved early in the morning (before the sun was too hot), I got a tarp and dragged it over to where the shrubs were presently planted.

My husband and I got shovels and dug a wide ball around the plant and then we lifted together and placed shrub on the tarp and lifted the plant and tarp to carry it to the new location where we gently placed it in the hole, amended the soil, and watered thoroughly.

Here are some pics of the shrubs:

All these pics were taken post-move.  So far no plants dead, new growth on one Camellia.  I will keep you updated.

Here is an article I wish I would have read BEFORE moving these shrubs- very helpful tips.

Can I transplant my Boxwood?  Tips from the Grumpy Gardener

Happy Gardening!

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