Perennials that Live for Decades

Want to snatch up some flowers that will live in your garden for years and years and years?  Me too!

Here’s a list from one of my favorite gardening books:

Tough Plants for Southern Gardens

by: Felder Rushing

Yarrow– full sun, any well-drained soil, grow a foot or more tall and wide.

SoapWort (Saponaria)- full sun to part. shade, highly adaptable as long as well-drained, ground- cover.

Soapwort (a.k.a bouncing bet)

Iris– bloom late summer to early spring, full sun to part. shade, likes well-drained soil, will not tolerate heavy clay, must amend the soil.


Daylily– full sun, the more sun the better- adaptable with soil, but don’t like wet feet.


Daffodils– like full sun and well-drained soil, they bloom in the spring.  Comes in many different cultivators with various heights and spread.


Amsonia– full sun to part. shade, can grow three feet tall and wide, adaptable with soil.

Amsonia tabernaemontana var. salicifolia

Artemisia– full sun to light shade, spreading groundcover, must have well-drained soil.

Artemisia michauxiana

Liriope– (also called Monkey Grass or Lily Turf) Heavy shade to moderate sun, any well-drained soil, leaves are evergreen.


Phlox-full shade to full sun, cultivators range from 5 feet tall plants to ground covers, like well-drained soil but are adaptable.

Phlox Diffusa

Violets-shade/winter sun, winter is really their time to shine when most other things are dormant. They like being planted under deciduous trees, they like soil high in organic matter and well-drained.

Viola odorata

Canna-Sun or very light shade, cultivators can get 2-4 feet tall, like moist soil but very drought tolerant once established.

Canna paniculata

Crinium-full sun plant that has flower stalks up to four feet tall and strap-like leaves about a foot and a half high.  Well-drained soil preferred, like to be planted and left alone-flower better after years of being in same place.

white crinium

Hosta-shade plant, mulch around these to keep them cool and dry, only water in drought-like conditions, well-drained soil.


Liatris-sun or light shade, thrives in nearly every soil type, highly attractive to butterflies, flowers in summer to early fall.

Liatris pychostachya PRAIRIE BLAZING STAR

Summer Snowflake (Leucojum)- likes winter and early spring sun, can use as a cut flower, prefers well-drained soil, blooms in the spring.

Märzenbecher / Snowflake / Spring Flowers

Aspidistra– dense to light shade, well-drained soil, grows to three feet tall and one foot wide.

Garden tours at GWA2010

Ferns– shade to part. sun, need well-drained soil, height and width depends on type.


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