Write It Down

day 46

We are a forgetful people.  How many times does God answer prayer?  Yet in our times of need, it is so easy to forget.

When Phil and I moved recently, we had two months to get the house packed.  I was around 9 months pregnant- I knew that our son would be born before we moved, so that was a comfort not having to look for a new doctor, hospital, etc.

I could not lift very many things before or after our son was born- I was so dependent on others to help.  I was not going to be able to visit our new town before we moved because the doctor would not let me travel before and I did not want to travel right after.

We did a lot of praying- there are so many little details when moving- all those things can be overwhelming.

It was amazing the ways that God provided over and above what we asked for- meeting even the smallest, seemingly insignificant prayers about smoothness of transition and help when we needed it.

I was talking with my Mom on the phone about all the amazing ways that God was answering our prayers and we could see His provision.

She said to me, “Write it down.”

We so easily forget all the ways that God provides and answers prayer.  How He changes our perspective over the years.  Some things that used to matter so much suddenly seem insignificant-struggles that kept us bound up are gone, but we don’t remember.

This is one the main reasons I journal.  I want to remember where I have been, and how God has provided and where He has taken me. 

I love to chat with God about my dreams for the future- the gifts I believe He has given me and my hopes for using them to minister to others.

I write down prayers, struggles, and triumphs.

I write train of thought- whatever is on my mind.  It helps to get it on paper sometimes. 

When I write, sometimes I am surprised by the things that come out.  I see struggles I didn’t realize were there.  I find hope and healing by confessing my fears and sins before God and seeking His comfort and forgiveness.

It is a discipline- but I believe it can truly bless you.  Even if you just start with writing down prayer requests- and then when God answers the prayer write the date and how it happened- how God provided.

It is so encouraging to get these out again and look at them.  Especially when you are going through a tough season- our own words can serve as a reminder to us that God is faithful- in fact, He has been faithful to us.  And He will continue to provide.

So, go out and buy a beautiful journal- I try to find one with a cover that I really love- something inspiring perhaps.

And then each day, write just a few sentences- I keep mine by the bed.  Some days I write 3 or 4 pages, some days, 2 sentences.  That’s not important.

Let it be a release of what’s inside, a place to ponder, process what’s going on in your life, to seek God. I write like I am talking to Him- but you can pretend to write to anyone- to yourself even.

May God bless you as you seek to remember His provision and goodness in your life- Remember.


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