Waiting on God, Part 4

Waiting for the Miracle
Once again, I find myself so encouraged as I seek to Wait on God- to cultivate a spirit that waits in tranquil confidence – knowing that the God I serve is faithful.

How is this revealed?  During the storms of life, the tough times, do we become untethered, or do we find ourselves astonished by the peace that settles- even while the storm rages all around us?

God brings that peace as we wait for Him.  Andrew Murray (in his book Waiting on God) makes the point that initially when we wait for God- we wait only in anticipation of the blessings that we wait for- or in times of great need.

He suggests that sometimes God puts off meeting those needs in order to draw us nearer to Him- He wants to win our heart.

This quote was my favorite from the devotional today:

“Dear Christian, begin to see that waiting is not one among a number of Christian virtues, to be thought of from time to time. But, it expresses that disposition that lies at the very root of the Christian life. It gives a higher value and a new power to our prayers and worship, to our faith and surrender, because it links us, in unalterable dependence, to God himself. And, it gives us the unbroken enjoyment of the goodness of God: “The Lord is good unto them that wait for Him.”

The more time I spend with God- the more aware I am of my need for Him.  It has been amazing to not just read it but to live it- to feel it within my soul.

A hunger and thirst for more of God- more of His Word, more time in His presence- acknowledging His Lordship in my life.  There is no “replacement” for it.

I want to close with one more quote:

“Many of us are too occupied with our work.  As with Martha, the very service we want to render the Master separates us from Him. It is neither pleasing to Him nor profitable to ourselves. The more work, the more need of waiting upon God. The doing of God’s will would then be, instead of exhausting, our meat and drink, our nourishment and refreshment and strength.”

The solution to burn-out- right there.  More time with God.  More conscious time spent in His presence.  An acknowledgement that our strength, the sustaining power that fuels our lives and enables us to do good work- comes from God alone.

We must be faithful to seek Him out- to look for Him- to wait on Him.

I pray that today, whether your day is busy and full or slow and quiet- that you would seek out the lover of your soul.

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