Stormy Seas Coral Bells

Heuchera sanguinea 'Splendens' Coral BellsStormy Seas Coral Bells (Heuchera ‘Stormy Seas’) is a shade perennial with a lovely purple to bronze-green colored leaves.  They do very well in morning sun with afternoon shade when the heat is more intense.

Average Water Needs, likes well drained soil but does well in our clay soil that I slightly amended to promote good drainage and no standing water. Do not overwater.

This plant is resistant to deer- though as fellow gardeners have shared- sometimes deer seem to eat everything- even the plants that are not as attractive to them.

Seems very disease resistant in my experience.  I have had this plant for over a year, and it has thrived in the morning sun with afternoon shade.  I do not ever water it- the only water it has gotten is when it rains.

If you have any other questions, comments, let me know.

Happy Gardening!


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