Waiting on God, Part 3

Autumn Splendor (B&W)
When I started sharing this week, I never imagined how God would use this reading to comfort and strengthen me.  I am overwhelmed with the blessing of hearing His voice speak into my life- urging me to meditate on and remember who He is.

The title of today’s devotional: Its Certainty of Blessing (Isaiah 49:23, 30:18)  Those who wait on the Lord shall not be ashamed.

Do you ever wonder if God is really going to answer your prayer?  Do you lose the sense of expectancy and hope and give way to fear?

Are there times when instead of waiting on God you plunge ahead on your own impatient and disappointed that God has not answered- or maybe even just not answered the way you wanted?

Me too.

Waiting on God is a personal journey- not one taken with anyone else but you and God.

“The mind may often have beautiful visions of what God has promised to do, and the lips may speak of them in stirring words, but these are not really the measure of our faith or power. No, it is what we really know of God in our personal experience, conquering enemies within, reigning and ruling, revealing Himself in His holiness and power in our innermost being.”

Andrew Murray speaks to me so profoundly with those words.  I can be so carried away in the moment by emotion- I can speak things with passion- but many times when the rubber meets the road- I am unwilling to do the work that can allow God to work a change in me.

No one knows (besides my family) whether I have quiet time with the Lord- how often I read His Word, seek Him in prayer, have submitted myself to Him.

Only God knows our innermost parts- those secret places inside us- those enemies within.  If we want to do battle against those things, we must petition His help.

As we wait, we are blessed.  As we wait, God can work in us, preparing us for what is coming in the future- for challenges that we can’t see, circumstances that may be just around the corner.


Listen to this closing by Andrew Murray and remember once again the God we serve:

“Even as the sunshine enters with its light and warmth, with its beauty and blessing, into every little blade of grass that rises upward out of the cold earth, so the everlasting God meets, in the greatness and the tenderness of His love, each waiting child, to shine in his heart “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Cor. 4:6)….Who can measure the difference between the great sun and that little blade of grass? And yet, the grass has all of the sun it can need or hold.”

God has all that we need for today, and each day. Let God shine His light into your heart and life today.

Let us wait on Him, knowing that as we wait He will draw near.  Remember that we trust in a God who keeps His promises- blessed are those who wait on the Lord; they will not be ashamed.


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4 Responses to Waiting on God, Part 3

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  2. Fran Rogers says:

    Thank you for this post. Andrew Murray has for decades been one of my spiritual fathers. Waiting on God was my introduction to his work. I found the old paperback in a used book store and God used that book with His Word to teach me how to wait. Mrs. Fran

    • Rachel says:

      It has been a tremendous blessing in my life too-still feel in many ways like I am learning, not fully grasping-yet reaching and now desiring more than ever to wait on our God. He is worth waiting for. God bless you and thank you for sharing.

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