I love Lantana. (lantana above is on south side of our house)

Drought tolerant, heat tolerant, sun loving- gorgeous, butterfly attracting- tough, disease resistant plant.

If you have a spot in full sun (even 8-10 hours) plant this gorgeous gal, water every once in a while till it is established- (maybe once every 2-3 weeks unless there is rain- then none at all) and watch amazed at how this plant thrives in the humid and hot southern summers.

I just picked up 3 more lantana plants this year, they have some lower growing varieties too- and there is now purple and white blooms as well as the more traditional orange, yellow, and red.

The surest way to kill lantana- over-water it– does not like wet feet- does not like too much water- make sure it is a well-drained site.

For those of you new to Lantana, here is a run-through of several of the more popular cultivators.

Lantana Camala- purple variety– I think this is typically low growing…

Lantana camala

white lantana,(montevidensis)

**White Lantana** (Pentax SP F

lantana camara,

lantana camara

lantana camara ‘Dallas Red’,

Lantana (Dallas Red)

lantana camara ‘Gold Mound’,

Lantana 'Gold Mound'.004

lantana camara ‘Confetti’

Confetti Lantana

lantana ‘New Gold’,

New Gold Lantana

Texas Lantana (lantana horrida),

Texas Lantana

Lantana camara ‘Miss Huff’,

12 Days of Christmas Butterflies - #1 Eastern Tiger swallowtail

Hope this helps as you decide which lantana cultivator to get for your yard, just keep in mind- lantana likes the hot, humid southern areas- it may not be a perennial in your area.  Make sure to check that out before purchasing the plant.

Happy Gardening!

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2 Responses to Lantana

  1. Julia says:

    Do plants -berries hurt animals if eaten?

    • Rachel says:

      Julia- that is a great question.
      I was not aware that they were dangerous at all, but after you posed the question I did some brief searching online. It looks like some varieties can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. We have 4 lantana in our yard. I have two children and a dog and they have never shown the least bit interest in nibbling on them.
      I would certainly say this is a personal choice. You could do research or talk to someone at a gardening center or a master gardener and ask them if there are cultivators that would be less toxic and plant those varieties. Hope this helps!
      Let me know what you decide to do. :)

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