Got to Let It Go

Let go
Do you put things off?  Procrastinate?  You keep on meaning to do it- whether it be a letter of encouragement to a friend- a phone call- or addressing that sin in your life that keeps tripping you up?

Our final BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) of the year was this past Wednesday.  I was so convicted by the lecturer’s words on procrastination- delaying action on the conviction that the Holy Spirit places on our heart.

I have made excuses, side-stepped the issue, rationalized, blamed- all in a vain effort to pretend like I am not the one responsible for “cutting this weed” out of my life.

And some of those things are choking out the possibility of new growth.  It is almost as if I can hear God saying- you have to let that go before we can move forward- acknowledge that sin- seek forgiveness.

This morning, as I was praying and reading the Word I felt so convicted in my spirit b/c I realized that giving up control, giving up more of my self- I feel a little bit of fear about where that will lead.  I know that if I am going to live a Godly life- I will be persecuted.

I felt ashamed when I saw my fear.  And I prayed to the Lord to take it away- and to help me to stop avoiding dealing with those repetitive sins in my life.

Here are some of the points from the lecture and notes that convicted me.

  • Delaying our response to conviction is disobedience.
  • Are we seeking pleasant days or obedient days?
  • When you hear the truth about salvation, or holiness, or fruitbearing, do you postpone action?  Are you stuck in indifference that never moves to positive action in faith?

What do you need to let go of?  What are you clinging to instead of God? 

I love Amy Grant’s music- have been a fan since I was a young girl.  There is a song of hers that came to mind when I was writing this post.

Got to Let It Go

All my lifetime plans
Got’ em in my hands
Balancing my fate upon a wire
Got to let it go
Everywhere I turn I see
There’s nowhere left to go
All my dreams are far
Too much for me to hold
Still I hate to drop them
Weren’t they from you
What did I do
You alone can see
Into the heart of me
Am I really givin’ up tomorrow
Got to let it go
This is gonna hurt a little
Still it’s right I know
Even though I fear
Too much of me might show
I can’t wait any longer for it
I’ve had enough
I’ll give it up

Lord, here’s my heart, I’ve been keepin’ it from you
And I’ve got to let it go
Holdin’ on just brings me worry
Got to let it go
Come and take it from me, hurry
Got to let it go
Got to let it go
Got to give up all of my control

Holdin’ on too tight
Where do I lose sight
Where’s the line that seems to bring frustration
Got to let it go
The best of dreams can turn to nightmares
When my heart takes hold
How long must I learn
This lesson’s getting old
I’ve got to catch a clearer vision
I’m in your hand
You’re in command

I pray that today we will acknowledge those things that hinder us from a deeper intimacy with God and surrender them to Him- committed to do battle until those things are defeated in the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



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