The Joy of Motherhood

New Life
It starts at conception.  There is a shift- a subtle change.  A knowing- slowly budding to deeper understanding.

My body becomes a haven- a safe place for life to grow, to form, to bond. I feel the movements of hands and feet, the kicks and tickles- sometimes pain.

Your presence becomes a constant awareness- that my life already is protecting and nurturing yours.

My own wants have already begun to give way for you.  Watching what I eat, getting more sleep, doctor check-ups, reading books- talking to you, singing to you- realizing that you already know me- in a way that no one else on earth will.

Born of my body- the first cries, heart-bursting joy and passionate love- almost painful in it’s intensity-fills me.  Even through the fear and uncertainty- the precious gift- the miracle- the blessing fills my soul.

Each day as I watch you grow, feed you, change diapers, wash laundry, prepare your food, clean up toys, clean house, bandage knees, soothe tears, listen, share your joy, teach you, discipline you- I am singing you a love song.

All the times when I put my wants to the side and see you- love you- spend time with you- you teach me about Christ- about unconditional love, forgiveness, joy in the simple.

The immeasurable joy of serving- even when no one else sees it- of being aware of God’s presence as I work silently and faithfully within my home- giving my children the gifts of my love and presence.

Being a bringer of peace and joy- of exploring life with you again- seeing it all new through your eyes.

The miracle of your life never ceases to bring a tear to my eye- the amazing gift of your presence- your unique spirit and soul.  My heart overflows with thankfulness and humility- that I am honored with the gift of you.

All those things that used to seem so important- fade to nothingness in the reality of you.  Your presence has changed my priorities- in so many ways you have made things right- by opening my eyes to my own selfishness.

Now, my life is so full because of you- full of laughter, adventure, love, purpose- you have given me a new song to sing.

Mom and Daughter

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2 Responses to The Joy of Motherhood

  1. Mary Beth says:

    That is beautiful! Your children will cherish those words when they are older.

    Mary Beth

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