Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!!!

We had a sale going on at our church on Friday.  Several ladies who are in the local gardening club and go to our church had plants from their gardens.  Here’s what I have so far.

Lady Crinium Lily- this is a bulb, gets up to four feet tall, blooms spring through fall depending on variety.  Won’t tolerate standing water, so needs well-drained soil- flowers best after being in the same location for at least 3 years. Plant in full sun.
white crinium

Penny Mac Hydrangea-make sure to prepare the hole well for this shrub- make sure the hole is much wider than deep.  Only light soakings and occasional fertilization needed later- this shrub seems to do best with morning sun only- esp. in the deeper parts of the south where the sun’s heat is more intense.  Be careful about pruning hydrangeas- they all have unique pruning instructions.

Hydrangea macrophylla (Thunb.) Ser.

Obedient Plant-not obedient at all.  Can be invasive- hummingbirds and butterflies love it- plant in full sun to partial shade- can grow 3 feet tall and will spread and spread, and spread some more. Likes well drained soil, needs very little care after planted.  Good plant for an area where you can let it fill in a large space, easy to divide any time of year.

Obedient Plant

Tartarian Aster– (big green leaves) These Asters bloom in the fall and have football-sized clusters of purple flowers.  Very tough, can plant in clay soil and walk away, requires very little care.  Full sun- even 10 hours of sun and these plants will thrive and spread.

 Aster tataricus

Fall Aster or Aromatic Aster – (not as big more upright habit) Very hardy like the Aster above, a fall bloomer, again, full sun, very little amending of soil necessary- some water and once established will flourish with little or no care.

fall asters

Becky Daisy– (toothed leaves) Spring bloomer with white flowers growing up to 3 feet tall – attract butterflies and are great cut flowers.  Like well-drained soil, a little fertilizing will help their flowering- too much fertilizer can damage plants. Divide plants any time.

Comin' up Daisies

Jasmine– (little leaves- looks more like a shrub- smells good, likes moisture and part. sun) I know very little about Jasmine.  I bought it on the recommendation of one of the ladies from the church who loves gardening.  I will have to post again once I have had this plant for about a year and get a sense of how it does through the seasons.  I don’t know what color the blooms will be.

**Note: The info in parenthesis was helpful for telling the plants apart and some basic info on where to plant them.

Winter jasmine, II

Excited to see how everything does throughout this growing season, will post more pics as my own plants mature.  Happy Gardening!

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